Gleb Khotimsky

Director Aftersales Russia of FCA Group

Gleb joined FCA MOPAR Rus team in October 2016 after more than 16 years of experience in automotive, mainly in aftersales. Spending 12 years as a FCSD (Aftersales) Director in Russia he opened new opportunities at the Russian market being also one of the first in Europe to launch Interactive/Direct/Dynamic Reception process as a standard for Ford dealers, Extended Warranty, Menu Pricing, SARA (Service Activated Roadside Assistance) and Parts Wholesale program, that became aftersales standards for the aftersales business in Russia. In his time in Ford he was also responsible for vehicle sales and network development, corporate sales and LCV business. During 3 years after Ford he has experienced new opportunities as a private consultant and investor to new technologies, launching Mobile solution for Service Reception. Today at MOPAR Russia Gleb is utilizing his experience to innovate MOPAR business in Russia.